Financial Report

Part of upholding the Fundraising Code of Practice is publishing a clear display of income and the percentages of what is used for administration purposes and what is used to help our beneficiaries.

Models for Heroes 1 August to 31 December 2018 Income £8,621.82

Expenditure breakdown:

  • 23% Raising Funds (Travel, Marketing, Merchandise) £1,966.17 
  • 50% Charitable Activities (Kits distributed, model making activities and supplies) £4,293.38 
  • 23% Other (Administration, Volunteer Training & insurance) £1,949.65 
  • 5% Excess of Income over Expenditure (Reserves) £412.62 
Our latest financial report can be found on the Companies House website under our Company Number 10855739. Or use this link: