New Ambassador - Matt Harding

The Models for Heroes committee are pleased to announce a new charity ambassador, former Lead Nurse for Inpatient Military Mental Healthcare at Southern Health NHS, Matt Harding. Matt holds over 20 years experience in mental health care and has been brought on board by Models for Heroes to work with them in a variety of capacities including clinical guidance for policy.

We met Matt when Models for Heroes began providing therapeutic model making activities for the MOD Acute Mental Health ward in Basingstoke. Matt understood very quickly the power of model making in relation to mental health and became a firm advocate for the hobby.

Matt is passionate about his new role, "One of my favourite things about Models for Heroes is that as a concept it's beautifully simple but I've seen first hand how beneficial it is. Not only does give people an enjoyable activity to help them get some time out from their troubles, but it puts them in touch with like minded people they can spend time with to enjoy the hobby and each other's company"